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Ellie’s is Crazy for Cronuts!


We are happy to announce that we are adding Cronuts to our menu! This dangerously delicious croissant-donut hybrid will be available at Ellie’s Table starting tomorrow in two different flavors. One is a classic Chocolate with a Vanilla Cream Filling, and the other is a Maple Glaze & Bacon combo.


The Cronut is a relatively new pastry that hit the scene back in 2013. Chef Dominique Ansel invented this scrumptious treat that he first introduced to his bakery in New York City. The layered dough is fried, sugared, filled, and then glazed to perfection, making it an irresistible indulgence. The Cronut’s popularity spread fast and now variations of the original creation are sold all over.


We decided to welcome the Cronut to our menu because they make our mouths water just thinking about them! Our unique take on this delectable confection will satisfy any sweet tooth.


Make sure to visit Ellie’s tomorrow to try to snag one (and maybe one more for the road) before they’re all gone! We hope to see you all bright and early!

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