Our Story

Our History

Ellie’s Table is a celebration of Eleanor Mastroianni, who’s cooking and baking skills helped turn Jay’s Catering into a true catering dynasty. As a husband and wife team, Jay + Eleanor Mastroianni began a small catering business out of their home in 1967. Today, the company is considered one of Orange County’s best caterers.

Ellie’s Table completes a circle of food industry experience, beginning with Eleanor’s first job at Conway’s Corner—a small diner in Rochester, P.A.—and culminating in this café. Even though she was a trained nurse, Eleanor took her first steps toward a career in food service at Conway’s, which is also where she met her future husband, Jay. After marrying in 1953, Jay’s mother taught Eleanor how to prepare classic Italian Mastroianni family recipes.

Decades later, Ellie’s Table has opened in homage to this matriarch’s incredible culinary talents. Our café offers up some of her most famous dishes, like Ellie’s Potato Salad + Ellie’s Famous Cinnamon Rolls. While our cuisine is lovingly rooted in family tradition, our chefs also relish in producing innovative takes on Eleanor’s classics. Their recipes are both imaginative + true to the essence of Ellie’s cooking; an essence that is perfectly encompassed in our slogan: “Happiness is Homemade”.

Our Food

While all of our cuisine is tantalizing, locals have come to associate Ellie’s with our incomparable bakery—and especially our Butter Croissant, Ellie’s house specialty. The buzz around our bakery stems directly from our French pâtissier’s love of the innovative, and his passion for the timeless. Chef Christophe bakes every morning and our menu reflects his daily inspiration. All of his creations are out of this world and range from down-home favorites to twists on well-known classics and originally-incepted treats.

Our menu is designed with a remembrance for some of our founders’ favorite dishes, like Jay’s Famous Cheese Roll Palm Sandwiches and Ellie’s Potato Salad. Our chefs are dedicated to creating sumptuous, aromatic food that resonates with every palate while still pushing the borders of typical café cuisine. From Flat Iron Steaks to Quinoa Wraps, our menu consists of dishes that appeal to a wide range of appetites.

All of our food is made fresh and from scratch on the day that it is ordered. We use sustainable ingredients whenever possible and consider delivering simple, clean foods with bold flavors to be our motto and mission. We’re also happy to accommodate special dietary needs whenever possible, and offer a wide variety of Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Heart Healthy items.

Our Cafes

Ellie’s Table has emerged as a cherished local hotspot in both San Juan Capistrano and Irvine, offering residents and tourists an unforgettable culinary experience in two welcoming environments. Situated in the heart of each city, Ellie’s Table continues the celebration of Eleanor Mastroianni and her culinary talents.

Ellie’s Table Egan House in San Juan Capistrano showcases both history and flavor. As a preserved site listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Egan House was originally constructed in 1883 serving as the town courthouse and Jude Egan’s private residence. Today, the house has transformed to share the story of both Judge Egan and Eleanor. The renaissance revival building remains unchanged and inside, the heartwarming buzz of community is felt through homemade pastries, passed-down recipes, warm coffee, and so much more creating a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Located at The Boardwalk, a cutting-edge space designed with comfort and function in mind, our newest Ellie’s Table has a carefully curated specialty food and beverage menu that bursts with flavor. Ellie’s Table at The Boardwalk is an elevated corporate café perfect for to-go orders or a quick meal without compromising quality. The Boardwalk Menu caters to the diverse tastes of the vibrant Irvine community, offering a culinary journey that aligns with its contemporary surroundings.

Ellie’s Table stands as the leading local catering choice, seamlessly extending the renowned services of Jay’s Catering, Orange County’s premier catering company for decades. With a wealth of experience, we are well-equipped to handle your next event, regardless of size. Explore our comprehensive Ellie’s Table Catering Menu to discover our offerings and feel free to reach out to our team of professionals with your specific needs.