Welcome to Ellie's Table's official blog, where you'll find a chronicle of our cuisine and local events. Experience Homemade Happiness at Ellie's Table.  Our chefs use only the finest ingredients and the freshest produce available to create unique menus for each event. 

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Tour of Ellie's Table

The Egan House is a beautiful, historic building that we are so lucky to call home at Ellie’s Table. Located on the main road, Camino Capistrano, guests are able to soak in views of downtown San Juan while enjoying fresh pastries, warm (or iced) coffee, sandwiches, and more. As a popular location for locals and visitors alike, the Egan House offers 5 inviting spaces on the property for you to pull up a chair, take a seat, and  savor the moment. Check out our 5 spaces below and choose your favorite for your next visit to our cafe!

Harmony Hall
The heart and soul of Ellie’s. Read all about the history of Ellie’s Table scattered across Harmony Hall’s walls, then take a seat and dine in!

Swallows Nest
Reserved for intimate private parties and rainy days, our Swallows Nest is upstairs and full of charm with antique furnishings and a sparkling, crystal chandelier.

The Porch
The best view in the house! Our Porch is favored by many who like to people watch and soak in views of downtown.

Egan Patio
Shaded by umbrellas and the branches of a beautiful tree, our Egan Patio is great for larger groups who like a little extra space.

Mission Patio
Looking for something a little more secluded? Cozy up on our Mission Patio away from the hustle and bustle.

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