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Flavors Of Italy

In 2018 we hopped on a 13 hour flight to Italy to take in the picturesque sights, but more importantly, to soak in the family history and bring us back to our Italian roots. We tasted dishes in Rome at the renowned Pierluigi and Amalfi Coast at Michelin star restaurants, Zass, La Sponda, and Conca Del Sogno. Our sweet tooth was fed at Andrea where we filled up on fluffy, melt in your mouth pastries. And what’s a trip to Italy without sampling the local fruits, aka, wine! We visited the centuries old vineyards of Tenuta San Francesco and sipped on the most delicious Per Eva white wine paired with fresh tomato and cheese.

105 miles east of Rome lives the little town, Pacentro. Though the town may be small, it holds a big place on our hearts. Eleanor Mastroianni, the first cook of Jay’s Catering, can accredit her culinary expertise to her parents who resided here. We ate everything from cheesy, truffle pastas and artfully prepared meats, to rich, indulgent desserts. The beauty of these prominent dishes were their simple, wholesome ingredients. A little goes a long way. Each plate of food was reminiscent of the earliest Jay’s Catering menu designed and prepared by Eleanor herself that included Italian specialties like lasagna, meatballs, sausage and peppers.

We left Italy with full bellies and even fuller hearts and are happy to bring back the flavors of this breathtaking country with us. That’s amore!

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