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National Coffee Day

Happy National Coffee Day! If you’re stopping by the cafe today, make sure to take advantage of our $1 12 oz. coffee deal to celebrate. This special is only good for today, 9/29, so get your caffeine fix in.

At Ellie’s Table, we proudly serve Kean Coffee and have been since our doors first opened back in 2014. After meeting Martin Diedrich, founder of Diedrich and Kean Coffee and seeing his passion for roasting the best coffee through years of understanding and appreciating the impact of climate and geography, different growing techniques, and the process to create maximum flavor and quality of the coffee beans, it was a clear choice that we would be supplying our patrons with Kean Coffee. Like Ellie’s Table, Kean Coffee is a family owned and operated business. Beginning in 1916 Martin’s grandmother, Charlotte, inherited a coffee plantation in Costa Rica, then eventually Martin’s father, Carl, learned the craft of roasting while working for a roast master in Naples, Italy and met Martin’s mother, Inga, whose family had been German coffee merchants. You could say coffee runs through their veins. With their years of experience, Carl and Inga purchased a small coffee farm in Guatemala where Martin worked and developed his love of coffee growing.

Today, Martin is known as a pioneer of the coffee house movement and has conceptualized many Diedrich Coffeehouses and launched Kean Coffee in 2005 as a coffee roaster-retailer in Orange County. We are honored to use their coffee at all Ellie’s Table locations.

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