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New 12 oz Coffee Mugs at Ellie’s Table

We’ve learned a lot in the last year, and even more in the last few months reopening Ellie’s Table and welcoming you back into our beloved cafe. With titles like, “Best Spot to Cure a Sweet Tooth” and runner up for “Best Cup of Coffee”, it is important for us to always serve our loyal customers only the best. With that said, we’ve made a necessary change to our coffee program and are now only offering our drinks in 12 ounce servings. After researching and educating our team on our findings, switching all beverages to 12 ounces will keep all of our drinks consistent and the highest quality possible ensuring each and every beverage order that goes out is up to our high standards.

With the rollout of our 12 ounce beverage menu, we’ve stocked the bar with our new Ellie’s Table mugs. “Ellie’s Table” can be found on the front of each mug, and of course, “Happiness is Homemade” was included on the saucer so that when you lift up your mug, you can see our slogan. We are thrilled to now have all our specialty and classic coffee beverages crafted consistently and we are certain you’ll be pleased with this well-researched adjustment.

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