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Say Hello to Our Ellie’s Table Barista, Leena!

We have some incredible team members working behind the counter at Ellie’s Table and want to introduce them to you! Each month we have a new featured beverage at our cafe that a lot of thought, collaboration, and creativity goes into. The mastermind behind all of our coffee specials, like our newest Iced Rainbow Latte, is Leena! Leena has been with us for almost two years and never runs out of unique ideas to keep our coffee menu fresh and exciting. Take a look below at some questions we’ve asked, and get to know Leena some more!

Q: How did you get started as a Barista?

A: I was already interested in becoming a barista and worked in the food industry, so had some background.

Q: How did you get started at Ellie’s?

A: I saw their hiring ad and looked up information about Ellie’s Table and Jay’s Catering. It sparked my interest having already worked in the food industry and seeing room to grow.

Q: If someone asked you what drink you’d recommend on our menu, what would you suggest for the coffee lover and for the person who isn’t coffee obsessed?

A: For the coffee lover: Flat White. For the not-so-into-coffee: A flavored latte.

Q: What’s your favorite Ellie’s Table beverage?

A: A Cappuccino with one sugar in the raw.

Q: How do you stay inspired to create new drinks?

A: I like to challenge myself. It’s also always nice making something different and making people/our customers happy when they try our new drink offerings.

Q: What do you love most about being a Barista?

A: There is an art to coffee and I love getting to be creative.

Q: Latte art - Love it or leave it?

A: Love it! Social media is huge and latte art is like free advertising.

Q: Any future goals?

A: I want to open up my own coffee trailer in Orange County or Los Angeles and call it, Interstellar Grinds.

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